What Your Backpack Says About You

What Your Backpack Says About You

Back to school season is upon us and it's time to get our backpacks ready for the big day! A backpack is THE quintessential school accessory we wear on the daily, and one that we can't live without. It is a functional wardrobe staple that becomes part of our style in and out of class. Whether we realize it or not, the backpack we choose says a lot about us and our personality. Pick a backpack you feel most drawn to below and see what it says about you !

THE INGENUE : You're sweet, curious, and endearing. You also can't resist a soft color palette.


THE CLASSIC : You're a no nonsense minimalist, drawn to classic, and functional designs.



THE REBEL: You don't play by the rules and you like to make a statement!


THE ASTRONOMER: You are into all things cosmic, and you dream big.



THE SPORTY SPICE: You are always on the move and love a good amount of healthy competition.

Comment below to share which backpack you think is most like you!

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